Renewing my Dishwasher

Things of which we grumble about and shouldn't.  Yesterday, I was reading an article on Yahoo about how long household appliances should last and I ran across dishwashers.  It said they should last around 13 years.  Well mine is probably only ten years old, but like used cars, if it's paid off why buy a new one if it is still working right? Even then you can stretch the life of a used vehicle with repairs.   My dishwasher has been giving me problems for months and I had started looking new dishwashers online and saw that the price for a new dishwasher started at about 500 dollars.  That right there convinced me that perhaps I should try to fix mine.  So this article said that perhaps what was wrong could just be that the filter had debris or that a hose might be kinked or clogged and this could be the problem.  I immediately went to check out what I could do.

I unscrewed the water sprayer and looked underneath for a dirty filter.  Fortunately that wasn't the problem, though in the process when I reattached the sprayer wings, I know I tightened them correctly this time, so I knew water would flow out better.  Then I cleaned out the basket that holds the cutlery.  Turns out that a lot of debris was encrusted on the back of the basket as well as loose debris just hanging out caught between the basket and the door.  I cleaned both thoroughly.  Then I checked the seal near the bottom of the door where it meets with the body of the dishwasher and there was all sorts of yucky black junk screaming to be removed.  If all of this sounds a little gross well it was slightly, but since I used paper towels I was able to wipe up and dispose of the filth and I am happy to report that all that trash is gone and will no longer be floating around in the dishwasher and landing on my glasses and clean plates.  By the way, this only took me about 15 minutes to do.

So what difference did it all make? I got a better washing dishwasher, that's what!  All that cleaning and wiping off was worth it.  You might want to try it.  It will surely save on a lot of unnecessary grumbling, that's for sure!


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