Maters and Taters in Apopka

On Friday afternoon, I took an outing to Apopka and stopped by one of my favorite stores, Maters and Taters where you can get the best in fresh veggies, many locally grown. Some of the best veggies included locally grown corn from Zellwood, tomatoes, butternut and acorn squash, bananas, cilantro, green peanuts for boiled peanuts, plums, a huge Florida avocado, green leaf lettuce, lemons, pecans, just to name a few, and the prices were very good. So if you want the best veggies and in Apopka, around Park Avenue and in front of the Apopka Memorial Middle School go right in.  You might also buy your pumpkins there, too. I'll put up their pumpkin pictures, soon.
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