Weird word, right? Well, wordle is everything but weird. It is a website that allows users to make interesting, creative, and colorful text collages. The website provides a program which will let you switch fonts and backgrounds at a touch of a finger. Terrific if you want to have a different formative assessment. Let's say you have been reading a chapter, you can have a student create a summary of that chapter with words and phrases. It will capture the essence of their understanding and produce a product that is attractive colorful, easy to assess, and share. It will also be something they can edit and feel proud about. I only have good things to say about it. I did one on Juliet and I capitalized her three most outstanding features while I left the rest lower case. If I want to add a phrase and want it to say together, I hyphenate it. Hope you will go and play with it. It's great for Binders for a Novel, Theme, a personal poem or things about you. I love it. It's Wordle at www.wordle.net


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