A funny thing or two happened to me this summer

You make your plans, but God determines your steps.

So what were some of those "funny" things that happened to me this summer?

1. I was destined to borrow a car from one person a, but instead a sister lent me one for three weeks!
2. I was forced to go to a resort condo for a week!
3. My puppy fractured a bone, not funny, but what is funny, two days later I broke a bone, too. A toe.
4. Went to Downtown Disney, and people saw me with Doodles and they said she was a new Disney attraction, since so many people were lining up to pet her.
5. Last trip I went to La Bombonera and this trip I went to La Mallorca, the competition.
6. Finally stopped at the Indian River Pecan stop on I-95, and tasted the best ruby reds and pinks, but only bought 2 grapefruit and some pecan rolls. So good!
7. Went to a church in Puerto Rico to hear one friend speak, but the Lord instead blessed me with two very humble ladies. One shared her testimony, and it seemed the Lord was talking directly to me, and the other just shared time with me. The second was Doña Virginia, a servant of the Lord.
8. When I went to Maunabo, I thought I was going to go stir crazy, and instead I had a very pleasant time. It was more a retreat than a resort.
9. I thought I was coming home to an empty house but instead, the Lord has filled it and filled.
10. Wear shoes if you are prone to stubbing your toes.

So what did I learn? I learned, "uno propone, pero Dios dispone." Basically, that God is in control.


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