Kids are gone

School's over! Now two days of clean up, pack up, and time to enjoy the summer. There is a little bit of nostalgia remembering Jay, not his name, that tall Latino-American student who came by to say good-bye one more time with a big smile and looked into my eyes, the young lady who came to sit by my desk for a whole period just to chat and clarify her grade, then K., the young African American young lady who wrote me a sweet sweet letter, M. who gave me hug as we walked out who had also come with DP to have lunch with me two times because they had to have that time, 3 kids who grouped hugged me, including N. with his long hair. There is time for reflection...what did this all mean? Then I recall the poem I wrote about them. How they all clapped at the end and now I have to put up on the web. They are counting on me.

I won't let them down. Goodbye class of 2011, I'll miss you.


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