Steve Stone, Chicago White Sox Broadcaster

I started watching Chicago Cubs baseball because of Harry Carey and Steve Stone. I loved their wit, banter, and conversations and how they could make baseball fun and understandable for a young woman who had never gone very deep into the game. My kids grew up watching Chicago Cubs baseball with me, and in fact we have gone to Wrigley Field a couple of times to see the Cubbies play. Being that I live in Florida that is a big deal.

So when Harry Carey died a couple of years back, probably more than a couple of years now, a little bit of my heart went with him. Steve Stone I think had moved on and it wasn't until today that I found out that he is one of Chicago White Sox's broadcasters. I was delighted to find he has a website and he has a video talking about some of his more memorable experiences with Harry Carey. Makes for some good listening if you want to remember Harry and the Cubbies.


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