A High Five for Discovery!

We heard the Discovery clap its hands as if in a high five for its many achievements all these years. A job well done! It was the sonic boom which reverberated across Central Florida as the Discovery made its approach to the Kennedy Space Center for its final landing before being moved to its new mission exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

My students and I were in class when we heard the boom go through our classroom wall at it landed and one student said, "I just heard history in the making!" We all agreed as I explained that that had just been the Discovery coming back into our atmosphere on its way to KSC. We are all glad they all made it safely home. Only two more shuttle flights and that will be the conclusion to this program that we thought would last forever. We just hope brighter and greater things are ahead for the many men and women at NASA. Godspeed to you all.


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