Life in the Tropics

Woke up to the wrong thing this morning. I had left my alarm on while on vacation! Can you believe that? Tomorrow that will not happen. All alarms are on off!

I know I can get used to this... the turquoise water just a five minute ride away. Palm trees on every block, hammocks or reclining chaises on the porch with a subtle breeze fingering your hair.

Then every where you go people are friendly and typical local food plentiful. Plantains, churrascos, and bacalao (cod fish) are common in fast food restaurants. Even Burger King and McDonalds have a criollo breakfast sandwich with cafe con leche. It is good to be home.

Then there is the excitement of all my family and their fun fast pace. It is hard keeping up with them with the younger bunch and then alternating the slow pace of visiting with my mother, treasuring each conversation.

Well, I am loving it.

Next on my list:

put my feet in the sand.

Tell you about that tomorrow.


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