Hippo at the Spa

Recently when I went to Animal Kingdom with my granddaughters and daughter, they went off to a high speed rollercoaster while I slowly trekked around a nature area where I was able to see exotic birds freely flying in an large enclosed area, as well as colorful fish, ducks, gorillas, and a hippo at a spa.

Take a good look at the pictures. This lovely hippo is napping while multicolored fish are pecking at her dermis. If you look closely you will see she is leaning her head on the boulder while her front legs are dangling in the air. What from a distance look like her eyes, are in reality her ears and her eyes closer to the front are shut. Occasionally, she would release a barrage of bubbles from her nostrils just to let us know she was still alive. Don't think of disturbing her, though because an angry hippo is everything but pleasant. So let's let this sleeping hippo lie, won't we?

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