Keeping a Low Profile these days

Been so busy these days with school work and finding time to lay back and regain some strength after a long day answering a hundred and one questions. You would think they like... I could add so many phrases to that, but the truth is I had a very good day. My students are learning, and they are almost in High School. Eighth graders have no clue what awaits them. They are around the corner from going to a huge high school so different from the security offered in the small confines in which they now circulate. When my daughters went to high school there were no more than 50 graduates and one of them only had a class of 11, while the high schools here in Orlando can have over 400 graduates. Consider the enormity of those numbers and the anonymity. That is why high schools here have moved to houses, to try to make the high school experience more personal. I loved it. Yet I know it will be quite the change for these little fish to move from a small pond out to the ocean. Moving from middle school to high school is a whole different paradigm. This small middle school I now work at could fit in one hall way of the school I was at. Strangely enough, when I walked that huge school, I could easily walk down the hall and someone would say "Hi, Ms. Vazquez" and smiles were a dime a dozen, but this little school I work at is some how, icy cold like the wind blowing through it this morning as I stood and did my morning duty. I think it all has to do with the fact that I was at that high school for three years and had had so many chances to be kind to those young adults. I have only been here for a five months. Nevertheless, I am trudging on and so are they, one day at a time.


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