1,000 Posts... a Milestone

How did I get so far? One thousand blog entries and 24,164 visitors. When I started Mi Jardin Florido, I was just thinking about writing for my family and perhaps some friends, and the stories just keep coming. Little entries about miramelindas, drives up to see the rain forest, travels around the isla with my mom, visits to see my children in Michigan, New York, Canada, and Miami celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or summer vacations. Some times my travels took me to my own back yard to capture elusive butterflies, blue jays, dragon flies, and polka dotted moths. Other times to recall times long gone with the wind, either in Panama, Texas, or Virginia. Local events, farmers markets, and my artwork which really explores my heart have all been part of the mix. One thousand blog entries. One thousand blog entries!

Now make it a thousand and one!


Congrats! 1,000 posts are an amazing milestone. Lets wait for 1,000 more.
Elba said…
Deb, what a lovely comment. Thank you so much!I also had a chance to visit your blog. You are certainly an active person. I really seeing the Silent Writers link. What an intriguing activity. I would love to chat and get to me you all on line. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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