How I saved over 200 dollars today and other stories

Today's entry is about how I saved over 200 dollars and really no other story, but I thought the title sounded fun. Anyway, to the story. Yesterday, I went to a place on the Greenway, the dealership to which I take my car. I don't want to specify the name because I don't want to be charged for defamation. In the past six months four things have broken on my PT Cruiser. It is six years old and things start falling apart by the sixth year. The air conditioning, the hydraulic lifts on the trunk, the wiper pump, and the wiper on the back door all stopped working.

I took my car in for an oil change since I had a coupon. While there the attendant offered me four oil changes that would cost me 69 dollars if I paid them in advance. At first I agreed but later changed my mind. You will see why.

Next I asked for an estimate to repair the hydraulic lifts for the back door which had gone kaput. The estimate was for 140 dollars. I said I would do it later. I figured I could keep using a long thin board to hold it up a while longer. On the other hand, I had a more pressing problem with my windshield wipers. The pump would not squirt the windshield wiper cleaner any more so I found myself in a jam each time it rained. This was something that needed to get fixed, pronto. So, I asked. According to the serviceman that would also cost me around 140 dollars. Then the motor to the back wiper was broken, another 140 dollars. It was really adding up. Well, I said I had to think about it and I would come back another day. I became uneasy thinking that if I had to come back to get my oil changed three more times there, I might need a lot of repairs. So I decided not to come back. Buying the oil changes was out of the question. What I was certain of was that those repairs were getting costly. I needed these things repaired but the dealership was too expensive.

I decided, I needed to go someplace else where they were friendly and considerate with their clients. So, I went to Advance Auto Parts. I had gone there before to get my wipers changed and you purchase the wipers and they install them for free. They are friendly, fast, and courteous. I ordered the parts first of all. The two hydraulics cost me around 54 dollars and they told me it was an easy on and off job. I also ordered the motor for the wiper in the back. They told me that that was a matter of three screws and I would be good to go. Then I also asked the attendant, Adrian about the wiper pump, if he could just let me know if I needed to buy a new pump. He tested it, and said, " No the pump is fine." and that what was wrong was the nozzles were clogged and broken, and needed to be replaced. I was able to purchase new nozzles and he quickly replaced them. So in a short period of time, I had my trunk door fixed, my wipers working, and on Monday, I will get my part to repair the back wiper. The air conditioner has to wait and thank goodness it is still cool outside.

While there, I also got to talk to a lot of nice people, and had an opportunity to thank some soldiers for their service to this nation which made them beam with pride, and finally got a whole new respect for the people at Advance Auto Parts. Thank you very much Adrian and all the guys at Advance Auto Parts on Lake Underhill in Waterford Lakes. Thank you so much!


Ali said…
Ooo car mechanics make me so cranky. I am so glad you have found a good one, I have an excellent guy whom I trust, and he comes to our house to service the cars.

Good on you for trying another place.
Elba said…
Car mechanic make me nervous, but yes I took a bold step and fortunately it paid off. Ali, you're in Australia...have you been having severe weather there these days with a cyclone passing in the south? I have heard of floods, too. How are things with you?
Ana said…
I am so glad this worked out for you!

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