On a More Positive Note

I played Wii for the first time and had a blast! My stitches hurt a little from so much fun and a little bit of excessive walking but the truth is I really enjoyed playing Wii. I can see why some people are so into it.

My niece got it and it came with about 12 games. Bowling, tennis, basketball, 100 pin bowling, just to name a few. It also came with two hand remotes.

There were several things I liked about it from the get go. Starting with the fact that you personalize the event by creating your own avatar which you make look like yourself down to your favorite color, skin tone, eyes, shape of face, etc. Of course you can use your imagination or improve the original.

Then the games require physical activity, but not an excessive amount. In other words you don't have to be an Olympic star to participate. If you can use the hand remotes and had some coordination, you can play. When bowling for example, you always have the perfect ball, not like in real life, when you often can not get the right ball or they are often chipped. Not to mention the cost of bowling for a group of four. Real bowling might not be able to compete with this "virtual" game, when it comes to costs.

Finally, I liked the playfulness of the programs. When you were bowling you could hear the pins falling while others were bowling around your lane, or you could see non participating friends sitting in the background as you and your match were playing, as well as, total strangers bobble heading around or doing silly gestures on adjacent lanes. It was fun, and worked well to add a lot of endorphins from an excessive amount of laughter.

Going to sleep happy. Almost as clever as our family bingos.


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