An Operation Put Off Too Long

Laparoscopic surgery should come with a warning. Really! I had laparoscopic surgery two years ago for a Gall Bladder gone bad. It had to go and this surgery was the least invasive operation with the shortest recovery time. Both of these factors were enough to convince me that this was the way to proceed. But don't be fooled any operation comes with its share of side effects. Queasiness from anesthesia to more severe reactions, as well as the use of pain killers that can be addictive or downright nauseating are all factors to be recognized.

Nevertheless the use of laparoscopic surgery is the best choice. No doubt. What you need to watch for is how you live after this surgery. If I had a megaphone I couldn't speak louder. Don't try to be a superhero or superwoman.

You now have a fragile spot and it is in your belly bottom area. The surgeon had to cut through not only what is visible on the outside, but the padding that holds your internal organs safely. As a result that muscle wall is weaken. So if you try to lift something that is heavy you just set yourself up for a hernia. In my case an umbilical hernia which is the case for many other people.

I got the hernia and it wasn't bothering me so I put it off, until I realized it had expanded. Big mistake. Get the procedure done while it is still an easy fix and don't delay. I delayed and had to have a more complicated surgery and be hospitalized for over two days. Fortunately my dear daughter Rose came down to be with me, and because of God's goodness and her care, I am doing better and better by the minute.

So what did I learn?

Realize that your body has been affected.
You are no longer a kid.
Things take time to heal.
You don't have to be a superhero.
Ask for help.
Don't delay and
Be thankful always.


Lil said…
Dear Elba,
So glad that you are on the mend and the surgery is behind you. Your dear daughter was there for you, and your other daughter was "backup/background support" too. You have a very dear Family. We enjoyed our time here together, but as usual, the days fly by all too quickly.
Take care and rest much, ok ?
Love to you,
Elba said…
Thank you, Lil. Love those girls and so so blessed that they assisted me. Still on the road to recovery.

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