Chasing Fall Leaves


I love nature and all things beautiful. There is something about fall foliage that reminds me of my youth in Virginia and I try to make a pilgrimage every year to see it. Being on a short budget doesn't make it easier, plus the fact that catching fall foliage at its peak is quiet tricky. Originally, I had planned to leave for up north at four in the afternoon on Friday but I stalled and didn't leave till 6. By the time I reached Gainesville it was quite dark and traffic was terrible on I-75. The University of Florida is in Gainesville and imagine a Friday night when everyone is looking for fun. After a couple of drivers made some very sharp lane changes behind me though I was easily doing 75 miles per hour, I realized I better go home.( I wasn't on the fast lane either.) So I meekly turned around and went back. Surprisingly the traffic wasn't quite as heavy going home.

I mostly rested all day Saturday. I almost finished reupholstering my love seat and did other household chores I had neglected. Then came the nagging thought that I was going to miss the autumn colors and who knew when I would get a chance to do it again.

So the more I thought about it, I decided that if I left very early in the morning I could feasibly make it to Valdosta by 12 hopefully and perhaps beyond if necessary. I just didn't want to overdo it. I thought what ever I drove up, I would have to drive down. On the other hand, I didn't want to spend money on a hotel if I could at all avoid it. So I decided, turn around time had to be at two, but earlier if I could make it happen. So I drove and drove. Sang and sang, listened to church services, "good old time religion," and was blessed. Very blessed and before I knew it I was getting to Valdosta. It was noon. I could have lunch or get off at Route 84 and search for autumn foliage for at least five miles and have lunch a little further north. That is what I did.

I drove through historic Valdosta which already has its lamp posts decorated for Christmas. These folks don't know that the loveliest part of town is just up the road a piece. I remembered a particular cluster of trees from my previous trip to South Carolina last month and I wasn't mistaken. There they were, all lit up. They looked like a flaming fire from way down the road.

That was my birthday present! The Lord gave it to me!! He made these trees, didn't He? Then He gave me a safe trip up and down I-75 with out one single mishap. In fact, when perhaps I was overstaying my welcome in a lonesome bog, a gray Georgia Police car pulled up and a handsome young policeman kindly asked me "Is everything alright?" To which I answered that I had stopped to take a picture and he said, "Okay, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong." Now wasn't that nice? So I took that as a signal that perhaps I should move on, but nonetheless, I got a bunch of beautiful pictures and my birthday present. I am very blessed.


Lil said…
A beautiful day, enjoying creation and the photos are gorgeous. Fall colors are such a gift! Ours are mostly done now, but they were brilliant this year. God could have made the leaves to always be brown or gray when they fall off... but He chose deep red and glowing gold ! It is good. Thanks for the pics.
Elba said…
You are so right, Lil, He could have made them dull but he made they astonishing, especially when they are all together. Love hearing from you. Hugs to all at home!


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