Scurrilous or Scrupulous?

It is hard to be safe on the internet it seems. You have to build in safeguards within your just a piece of advice... okay, why am I telling you this, you might ask? Turns out that I had a little bit of unauthorized activity lately in one of my accounts and I am trying to figure out how they got the information. Well, as someone knowledgeable in the subject told me, a minor website might have had its security breached and they will try your password on other websites you might visit.

So what did I learn from the whole experience? Don't use the same password, across the board. Scurrilous people are out there preying on the scrupulous unfortunately. They tried to transfer a bunch of funds, maybe as a test, but I have so little money its laughable. My only wealth is in my hands, my words, and my faith. They went after the wrong girl.

Other than being upset, how might this change me? I think I will be writing more fiction from now on.


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