Chilean Miners/ Los Mineros Chilenos

What heart warming stories are coming out of this ordeal. There is one particular miner who is a faith believing Christian who has encouraged the other miners with daily prayer and faith. If you follow the news on the Chilean TV station that is being transmitted by CNN online you can hear the beautiful stories. There is a lot of worship going on, on the surface and down below. You know there are 33 miners, but they say, there are really 34 of them there since they sense the presence of God among them. Beautiful. Our God is compassionate.

Están contando en CNN en vivo (repeticion de la estacion de Chile) sobre un minero Cristiano que ha compartido su fe en Dios con todos los demás mineros que están con el. Son 33 los mineros y hablan de que en realidad son 34, con la presencia del Señor. Aun aquellos que no eran creyentes cuando empezó su pesadilla, ahora reconocen la presencia del Señor! Es precioso.


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