A Natural Beauty


Sometimes we think we have to spend money in order to make our homes look better or more cheerful, and we get a little depressed if we can't buy some flowers in the grocery store. No, no, no. Just step outside and see what you have. Before I did though I had to make the area ready for the beauty to come in. I wiped down the table, took away the clutter and set the table. Then I put water in the vase and got my clippers and set out to find some fine reeds and some periwinkles. I have an abundant supply of periwinkle in the backyard. So even if they only last a day, I can replenish. The reeds came from my Japanese irisies which I later discovered were harboring some nasty wasps. I will have to relocate them away from the house, but in the mean time it meant using some spray to chase them away and destroy their nests. Three nests to be precise. So I did have a surprise, but I got my reeds and my periwinkle, put them up in my vase, and had a late breakfast at 10:30. All on a splendid table. There they sit, my periwinkle and me.

So I proved it, you can have beauty in the house and you can stretch your budget, too. Today's project has gotten me started. Now, I can't wait to see what I will do with an exotic banana leaf!
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