Family Barbeque


Family reunion in Orlando! Here are some pictures of Titi Iris, my cousin, Sam, and his lovely family. Titi has so many stories and memories of my family history which was unknown to me. Her spicy sense of humor and love for life is contagious. Sam, a total gentleman, is a consummate chef down to knowing how to cook ribs and steak rare, medium well, and reluctantly well done for those fussy non gourmet eaters, like myself! He and Lisa prepared a delicious dinner for us all. But even better than the table laid before us, was the conversation, stories, and history we shared. Their children were also a delight and I was so honored to be there! I have such a big smile on my face, that it hurts. God is so good!!
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Anonymous said…
Very nice pics :) Thanks for sharing and glad I was able to participate, at least, virtually. Technology made it possible once again. I'm sure Dad was smiling from Upstairs :) SVM

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