Rewards after Reflection


Last month when I was in Maunabo, I went for a stroll along the beach about an hour before sunset. I walked for a while and took pictures of the waves and the Punta Tuna Lighthouse. Then I decided to enjoy the view and breathe the wonderful air a little longer so I sat down for while. Along came a little yellow crab but by the time I grabbed my camera, it hid away. I thought,"Okay, I can wait." So I waited and waited, but the crab never showed. I even prayed for the little thing to come out again, but no. So I left that spot and started heading back to the apartment a little disheartened since I really wanted to take its picture. I walked slowly and took pictures of the sunset, the rosy clouds, and palm trees reflected on a salt water pond. I was about to get on the trail when I glanced down and to my surprise, right under some blades of grass was another yellow crab. Just as cute and not at all bashful. It remained still long enough for the pictures you see here.

Another surprise waited up ahead. Three butterflies were molting. One had already spread its wings and was already fluttering about. Another was flying freely, and finally the third was beginning to stretch its wings though still quite attached to the security of the branch. What an exquisite moment! Had I not lingered on the shore, I might have missed that special event. The picture with the butterfly is one of many that I took in total amazement of being in the right place at the right time. Can you blame me for calling them Zebra butterflies?
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