High Expectations, Challenges, and Fears

Will I always succeed? Will I make mistakes? Can I relax? Will the kids behave? Will they be as challenged as I am?

Starting a new school year is very much like being an actor in a play on opening night. There are jitters, but you go out there, and you perform. Every day it gets easier, as you are more comfortable with your lines. I know that I will be able to relax, after a while, but even actors have to memorize their lines well before that opening night. That is what preparation is all about.

Being a teacher is no less stressful. My audience is comprised of teenagers. Teenagers who come from a generation who have never played a long plane, who have grown up with color TV gone digital, and who now can invade a room and whisper into someone's ear with a silent text. Teenagers who go around with something plugged into their ears or use something that has to be constantly recharged and are never excited about anything unless their lives depend on it. They love vampires, tattoos, furious cars, piercings, or anything that will jolt those around them and make them different. These are the ones I must reach out to and help them find relevance in the literature we read. These are the ones I must help realize that the written word may speaking to them and their guarded hearts.

God help me!


Lil said…
You will do great, my Friend. Praying for you as you prepare and look forward to the first day!

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