Had Forgotten

I had forgotten ...
the beauty of yellow wildflowers on the edge of many Florida roads and empty lots
how lovely the St. John River looks when it is overflowing its spacious banks
how bushy palmettos are
how tall Royal Palms can be
how quaint the town of Christmas is
how many road traps there are in Bushnell
is it Bushnell? just past Chuleota and before Christmas
how I would love to go on a air boat ride
how much I love road trips
tropical plants
how I can't wait till summer
but have to
how I wish weekends were longer
how much I missed my son
and how much I enjoy his company
and how glad I am to be his mother
and to my girls, too
and how thankful I had an excuse to come visit.

Happy Mother's Day to all those who love children
Their children
and those of others
We are blessed indeed!


i love the 'how' sway sometimes in what it teaches us and reminds us of, those better parts of life, the finer details we miss too often in the rush of days.
Elba said…
Hi Garden Harlot, I agree. Thank you for stopping by Mi Jardin.
Elba said…
I figured out the mystery. It's not Bushnell but Bithlo. Bithlo is speed trap city and do they know it. They had about four police cars like anglers on the side of a lake just waiting to catch a fish, I mean a speeder.

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