Resurrection Sunday! He is Risen!

Yes, the Lord Jesus, is Risen Indeed! As I woke up this morning it was still dark outside at 6:30 and I wondered what it would have been like to be getting up that early to go to the tomb where they had laid my best friend the evening before. Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene were there when the earth shook and angel rolled away the stone. That must have been shocking. They must have been in awe and wonder. I wonder if they fell to the ground. Did their herbs and perfumes fall and break? Were those angels? But most important where was Jesus? The angel said, "Why do you seek the Living among the dead?" Like duh!! Well of course the angel knew. The Angel knew the extraordinary power Jesus had in just one word out of his mouth, and that he was the Almighty God come in the flesh. We only knew him as the Son of Man, miracle maker, healer, friend, who could walk on water, calm the sea, and make the blind to see. Yes he resurrected Lazarus after four days, but could he survive and come back after such a horrendous death?

Why do you seek the Living among the dead? Jesus is alive.

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A few minutes later, Jesus appeared to them and they fell to their feet, clasped his feet, and worshipped Him. We can do that today. Jesus is alive! He is Risen! Halleluyah!


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