Bottle Brush



Flower of the Day. Simple humble bottle brush. Curly or straight? Isn't this illogical, but true. It starts out curly and then its feathers go out straight, and it is a work of art, too. Please click on both pictures so you can see how remarkable this flower is. Simply bottle brush: flower of the day.

A tad more information on the Bottle Brush. This tree is also fairly popular in the Caribbean where I am from. Its scientific name is Callistemon lancelatus De Candolle. The root words for this tree comes from the Greek Kallistos Stamon which means beautiful thread. I am starting to sound like the father in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding!" Anyway the name is quite befitting, don't you think?

You can get more information on the Bottle Brush in the book Tropical Blossoms of the Caribbean by Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves.
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Claire said…
I saw this plant inRut's neighborhood last week and am so happy to know what it is now! Thanks for sharing!
Elba said…
Claire Elizabeth!! Thank you for visiting my blog.

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