African Tulip :Flower of the Day/ Tulipan Africano Flor del Dia



African Tulip is orange with a bright yellow rim, but it also has a peculiar smell which is the explanation for its nickname in Spanish. It smells a tad like stinky water unfortunately.

Tulipan Africano es color anaranjado con un pequeno borde rizado amarillo. Imponente pero humilde flor que abunda en todo Puerto Rico. Tiene un sobrenombre de "meaito," por su peculiar olor.
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Lil said…
Love the recent flower photos. The African tulip reminds me of our hibiscus blooms... and gets me so excited for plants & COLOR! In about another week, will be planting a few pansies in our front door pots-- just to hurry spring along... Pansies are really hardy and should be OK until it's time for the more seasonal summer plants that we do about mid-May. Thank you for letting me enjoy yours while we wait for the Season to arrive.

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