Grandma Time

Annie, Chris, and my two granddaughters have been visiting me this week and it has been grand. No wonder we are called grandparents. Perhaps we doubly enjoy when our children come home. It is like reliving some of the joy of having our children when they were little and discovering how wonderful their own kids are growing up to be.

Annie put up new pictures. You can see I have been painting with Zee. She is so cute. She loves to converse about colors, animals, and the process as we paint. She recalls others times we have painted and it makes for delightful conversations. Who would have guessed that from a grandchild of six?

Last night I had a chance to watch "It's Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" with Aay and Zee, and it was such fun. It's a cute movie which happens to have meaningful drama on the topic of acceptance and gluttony. The fact that it has great animation doesn't hurt either. Good messages and good company, to watch it with, made it fun.

So am I having a great time? You betcha!


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