Friday Nights and Sundays Never Get Me Down

Love the fact that on Friday nights I can always stay up to the wee hours and sleep in late on Saturday. Lay back on my couch of so many years, I think it is time to get a new one, my friends tell me. Sounds like a stream of consciousness. I am spelling by sight. Consciousness always gives me a hard time. I know I should be asleep by now. But I had to tell someone what happened. I put my feet up and was watching Julia and Julie, and I had left a stack of dishes in the sink after I made spaghetti and heard some clatter and found my cat licking up the sauce on the pan. Yuck and surprise. What is wrong with this cat? A cat is supposed to like cat food for goodness sake not Italian!

Anyway, back to Friday nights and kicking back. The movie, it was good, but it seemed unfinished. You really wanted to know more about Julia. What a shame. She's gone now, and how she aged. She still comes out on TV and I do enjoy her down to earth way of being, she seemed so kind and natural. They seemed to capture that in the movie. Unfortunately, the two, Julia and Julie, never meet in person though they seemed to have so much in common.

Do I think you should watch it? Yes, I do. Meryl Streep makes Julia come alive and become a real person beyond the TV persona. She was passionate about food, wanting to have a baby but didn't, enjoyed people's company, loved her husband, had a great sense of humor and grace, knew how to express her feelings but wasn't rude or hypocritical, and persevered. Just like Julie learned to persevere. For Julia, it meant eight long years preparing her cookbook, while for Julie, it meant cooking 524 meals in 365 days. Perseverance eventually pays off. Pretty good if you ask me.


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