Doing away with the Superfluous

Making choices to get in a better financial position is a decision and a process. What to cut and how to cut them? Do I really need to have 150 channels if I only choose to watch a handful? Do I have to go out to eat every weekend? Must I stop to buy a drink on the way home if I can have one in my lunch bag for my ride home? If I want my hair dyed can I do it myself? Do I need a big house or can I downsize? I have seen other people do it and be perfectly happy. In fact, I have a dear friend who had a one bedroom apartment in Houston and it looked like a little dollhouse, it was so cute. Now she has a larger apartment across from her elderly mother's house. She doesn't pay rent, and is happily part time employed and enjoying her family and is much more relaxed. These are things I am seeing and considering. If I were to say things work themselves out, you might understand. What I really mean is, "God makes all things work for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose." It is a promise. It is a promise I am banking on as I make one decision after another so I can have victory over the challenges, I am facing . One choice at a time.


Anonymous said…
Praying for you, Friend, as you consider how to go forward. Love to you. Lil

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