Surprising Encouragement

Today I was walking back to my classroom after my daily fourth of a mile trek to the main office and back when I sort of ran into one of my ex students. I was walking towards the front of the Media Center, while he and his twin brother were taking the ramp to the second floor and I could hear him whispering, hey there is Ms. Vazquez. It was David. David was a talker and I had him in ninth grade and then was blessed with him again in tenth. LOL. I am rolling in laughter now, as I recall how many times I had to tell him "excuse me, I'm talking" and he would go on and on. Kids they drive you wacky! Still laughing. Anyway, he tells me, "Ms. Vazquez, I passed the FCAT!.... Thank you." "Thank you?" I said, "Oh, no you did that all yourself." To which he responded, as he went up the ramp, " No, thank you. I swallowed. What could I say to that? "Thank you for saying that. It is a real encouragement," was all I could say. And we talked for a few minutes more, and he went up to the second floor and I walked along to my class, feeling a whole lot different. God bless David, that big talker.


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