Geminids Meteor Shower

If you enjoy cold sleepless nights and seeing fireworks of the natural kind, it might be worth your while to bear the cold to see a meteor shower that can be as many as 20 meteors an hour streaking across the sky. Another source says since we will have optimum conditions this year for viewing, that there may be 120 to 150 meteors per hour, granted some may be faint. Nevertheless that is significant.

The expectancy and then the surprise is worth waiting for, really. I once went to a lightless pier in Villa Taina in Boqueron one night with my kids, covered with insect repellent mind you and laid down on the splintered boards, chatted, and enjoyed looking up at the star filled sky with an occasional misty cloud passing overhead, and watched for meteors to pierce the night. If I only saw two or three, it was memorable. Imagine twenty or 120! My niece shared on Facebook information about the meteor shower and I am passing it on to you. Follow the informational link to the Geminids, since the showers are coming from this constellation. Get those star maps out!


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