Swine Flu and/or H1N1

I have to give my take on this, since I am just getting over the flu. Well, I thought I was getting over it and if I had read this article, CDC: 76 Kids Dead Of Swine Flu As Cases Rise sooner perhaps I would have made an earlier decision to get help. The article focuses on the advance of this epidemic, and the fact that at least 76 children have died from it in the United States. That needs to catch our attention. The article goes on to warn parents of secondary effects of the swine flu. Basically, once you think it is over you need to be watching for after effects. Lots of children have had secondary infections creep in after their body's immunity has been compromised. So what do you need to be looking for? According to the article, we need to watch for if a "fever and a cough return, there may be a second infection. Other trouble signs are rapid or difficult breathing or bluish skin color."

Now logic tells me something. The article says that 600 people have died so far from complications from the Swine Flu, H1N1. So if 76 are children, the rest have to be adults! So "gente" if you are an adult, you need to be watchful, too. It's true that children hardly ever were high profile victims of the flu, but people, adults are dying from this, too!

Yesterday was an especially hard day for me, but I think I have turned a corner. In spite of having started a new regimen of antibiotics for pneumonia on Friday, I had a very high fever yesterday. It wasn't until I took my second dose of the antibiotic that finally my fever broke. I am happy to say I am starting to feel better but I am not letting my guard down. The same preventive measures you are taking to help your children avoid the illness, you need to take yourself. I'm sorry but it is almost inevitable that if you work or live around other human beings you are going to be exposed. So you need to be vigilant and proactive with this virus if and when you get it.

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Swine Flu Facts

*Post note:

My swine flu experience began with fever and developing Bronchial Asthma overnight. It had weakened me and the following week I was diagnosed with Pneumonia to my utter shock! My whole ordeal began on 9/25/09 and it is 10/17/09 and I am still battling Pneumonia. Fortunately, Praise God Almighty, I am getting better day by day. So I am awaiting the day when I can breathe cleanly and regain my strength. The day seems closer each day.


Chaplain Tom said…
Hi Mi,
I just got out of the Hospital with lung congestion or the same symptoms you described. The Doctor said I had asthma and bronchial problems. I stayed one night only because I had taken a Z-Pak Antibiotic which is very strong, so they gave me breathing treatments and Prednisone to build up my lungs and Levaquin antibiotic.
Wow was so rapid when it hit me in two days I was terribly sick.
But I read now on the steroid prednisone that it lowers your ability to fight infection? So I guess I have to still be careful being around so many people while taking these meds?
Also I had a hard time getting the meds after being in the hospital because The doctor on staff did not put his Identification number on the Perscription so, It took me almost 24 hours to run him down, In that time running him down the complete congestion started coming back all over again. I was panicking thinking this is gonna kill me if It comes back yikes !
anyway I just read your blog and yes we must still be careful.
Many Blessings to you,
Chaplain Tom
Los Angeles, Ca. 10/12/2009
Elba said…
Dear Tom,

How amazing! So it wasn't just me. You had the same symptoms. I'm so glad you mentioned the effects of Prednisone, which by the way no one told me about. They made me feel so much better but I didn't realize they predisposed me to catching anything later, in other words weakening my immune system. Well, it did and now I am battling Pnuemonia, and frankly I need prayer. I am going run to the doctor in a few minutes, because I don't feel any better. Thank you for your comments. God bless you, too.
Elba said…
Just an update to those out there. I am 100 percent better. I am so glad this experience is in the past tense! It is so good to be healthy again and to breathe in clean air with out wheezing.

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