Pneumonia is a bummer

Sometimes we just don't understand things. This weekend was going to be my Folly Beach weekend, but a nasty persistent dry cough managed to get my attention and stop me in my tracks. God's delays do not mean God's denial. So here I am basking in a quiet Saturday weekend in Orlando immersed in laundry, dishes, and two of three scrapbooking books that I ordered on Amazon. One is on scrapbooking technically but has to do with what is really page design, one of my weak areas when it comes to creative watercolour and art in general. The design book is The Scrapbook Designer's Workbook: Unlocking the Secrets to Great Page Design by Kari Hansen. I know I will like this one a lot already. It is in a binder format, and the author has made it so friendly and easy to get to know her and what she does. It will be like scrapbooking with a friend. The book is a work of Art!

The next book is an Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking, all 318 pages! Texture, texture, texture. It is also full of different techniques to make a scrapbook come alive. So I am excited about getting my rulers, paper cutters, and snazy color paper out to venture into this creative area which is a precursor to collages, which I am also interested in.


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