Cuts, Nips, and Trims

I'm not talking about plastic surgery. I'm talking about friends and colleagues being transferred, perhaps not keeping their jobs. It's just cuts, nips, and trims for some, but it's heartache for the ones who stay. This is not about strangers but about friends we care about. So my friends have been told to hold their breath. They have been told to hope there is a job for them somewhere else in the district. It's like marbles, a bump and scatter. It's so sad, to see so many go. I know my principal is deeply saddened, we all are.

The numbers are down in the district with so many leaving the cities, seeking more affordable housing. Then many unemployed immigrants have decided to return home, so they can be in the safety of their country and family. So our numbers are down. This is not going to be easy.

We all need to trust in God, He will be with us. We all hope it will be well with you and our prayers are for you. All I know it that God is faithful.


marc said…

So how bad is it? Are teachers being laid off en masse? On the website
there are many, many jobs posted throughout the
USA. Is your job safe?

Elba said…
In this economy, only God knows whose job is safe. Our provision never comes from ourselves, it comes from God. About the situation in Orange County, their is a freeze, and teachers are being transferred to where there are more kids. Some will get new jobs according to seniority in the county. It is not a free for all. Teachers are esteemed here, but some will lose their jobs.

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