I'm a Talker

Though we know by cellphone standards talk is not cheap, the internet is doing something to reverse that just a tad. Only a tad because you still have to pay to be connected. What am I referring to? Google chat. You've known that for a long time, but now if you want you can do what you only could dream about in the sixties. Oh well, I know I am dating myself, but it is what it is. Listen I wasn't only chatting on line, I was doing it with a web cam. Now that is an improvement. I got this nifty little camera that sits on the ledge of my laptop, hanging on like a pet monkey. It's so cute. Not only does it serve as a web cam but also as a camera. On the top it has a curved button that when pressed takes a picture. At first I had a little bit of a problem focusing it but found I could focus the lens, manually.

What do you need to chat with video? Several things actually. First a laptop or PC, Mac, etc. Then download a video chat from one of the search engines. I chose Google. You also need to install the software for you hardware, basically a CD of your webcam. Then you go to Google's Gmail and start your chat. I got to visit with my daughter and granddaughters for about an hour this morning and saw how they were doing. Saw my granddaughters new eyeglasses, enjoyed their cat, sent little kisses, laughed, and smiled. It was almost as good as being there. AND it didn't cost me a penny!! I hope you try it and we can chat, too.


Anonymous said…
Here's a song called Talk is Not Cheap that I thought you may like.

Elba said…
Hi, Vancouver, thank you for sharing the song. I liked the music but couldn't understand all the lyrics. But it was fun to listen to anyway.

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