Fine Arts Festival

Last night I went to Faith Assembly here in Orlando for their prayer meeting and worship service. When we think of a prayer service we think of quiet, singing, and worship. Not at Faith Assembly; that church is on fire for God. Last night I walked into it and it was ablaze.

It was awesome on several levels, first the youth were in charge of worship. They had a program which included terrific presentations that you could tell took hours of design, practice, synchronization, and devotion. There were at least ten groups and two individual presentations with one monologue and a cutting edge rap. Each group had from 8 to 10 members presenting monologues, dramas, mimes, music with or without live vocals and combinations there of. It was fantastic!

They shared messages about creation and the fall of man, people surviving rejection and finding the love of God with all the spiritual battles that accompany that, how God fights our battles and conquers our enemies, the ministry of Christ with the healing of the blind and other miracles and his scourging, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection.

The two individual presentations were both on target. The monologue was about three common people who were satisfied with their mediocre, second best lives in contrast to the dynamic awesome lives Christ sacrificed for. To say it was insightful is an understatement. The rap on the other hand had kids standing just like they do in a concert with the same acoustics. It was sharp, poetic, and fast. It definitely was not church like always.

What was most amazing was the amount of youth in the audience supporting their friends and hearing the message of Christ in a contemporary way that spoke their language. It wasn't mediocre by any means and it showed the idealism and power of unashamed youth. It was the next generation saying we will carry the cross of Christ with power in this fallen world. We have a message to take and we are ready.

What are they getting ready for aside from their heartfelt goal of being ambassadors for Christ? They were having a dress rehearsal for the Fine Arts Festival that will be taking place here in Orlando from August 3-7. *I don't know if it is open to the public, but if it is my goodness it is worth going. You will never be the same.

*Guess what? You will be able to watch the Fine Arts Festival online even if you are not in Orlando since they will be streaming it live.


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