Weather in Florida

It's going to rain, it's going to storm, and it is going to pour. I wish I had galoshes today. In fact, it will be April showers and do we need the rain. I just hope no tornadoes come, too. We have a tornado watch till 2:00 PM. Umm, I'll take my portable weather radio.

When I left the house, the bad weather was still lingering north and west of our area, but after an hour of being in school, when all the students were all safely in school, the sky darken ominously and the thunder started booming. Then the rain came pelting down, and one of those lightening bolts struck a transformer and we lost electricity in school. What was that for? The girls screamed and the boys hollered! Then the electric generators kicked in and then we got a little bit of light because it was so dark outside. The kids were jittery, but I managed to calm them down and just when I was going to read our novel out loud, the lights came on. So did the cheers! I was able to show them the radar from and that the worst of the weather had passed and we all breathed a sign of relief. The bell rang and the kids left. When the next group of kids came in they were still jittery, so I let them contact their parents and they were both truly relieved.


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