Bithlo Brush Fire Continues


Not more than ten miles away the Bithlo Brush Fire continues to flare up and enlarge. This picture was taken from a friends house in Waterford Lakes. I hope it gets contained soon.
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Here is a link to the Orlando Sentinel article of the fire fighters' progress.

The Bithlo fire is almost 90 percent contained according to the Orlando Sentinel today, April 27th. That is good news because this morning when I opened my garage door, I could smell the smoke inside my enclosed garage. Not a good feeling. I am glad the situation is getting better. Yesterday as I drove back from church in the evening I could see smoke from the fire drifting west along and above 408 north towards Oviedo. So yes, good job to all those fire fighters with many of them coming from as far as Tallahassee, I heard. Good job.

Unfortunately, there is now a fire further north in Deltona, which threatened a home. The residents were inside and smelled the smoke as it entered the air conditioning unit and when they went outside to investigate they found their house on fire. Wow that must have been alarming. They immediately started hosing down their house and were able to put out the fire and everyone was able to exit the house safely. Could you imagine that?


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