Who is that who woke me up?

Who is that who woke me
Up to write?
About an open window letting in
The moonlight
The distant howling of
An old guard dog
Letting in the memories of
Pomegranates fresh off the vine,
Stealing through a yard
Stomping on a jump rope
Up and down
Clowning around
Oui, oui, and a new
French family moved into town
Racing through the hedge through a little crack
Shaking and collecting pecans
With substitute grandparents
Smiling as I reflect on a day
Well spent
Looking through half open
Or half shut eyes
Watching the dancing rustling leaves
Tickle the moon
Light on the hard wood floor
Dancing me to sleep
No paint brush can
The shimmer of the moonlight
Rustling the leaves
As they tickle me to sleep
Long long ago
Who woke me up to write?


i.frank said…
such a fresh and happy memory shining on you at this early morning hour, awaiting your pen. i like it!
Elba said…
Thank you i.frank.
Elba said…
The early morning hours was really when I was going to bed at midnight, one of my spring break pleasures. But alas it's already Tuesday. Oh no, it's Wednesday. The luxury of vacation when you can lose track of the days, it's almost over. Oh no. Better run to the pool before the day is done! Or maybe catch some one skipping rope. Whatever. See ya.

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