Some Amazing Things

How can a five minute conversation bring so much joy? Just a minute ago I was checking my sitemeter. It tells me how many and where people are coming from to my site and also for what they are looking. One of the referrals was of someone who was looking for something funny, and it took me to something I wrote in December and just rereading it made me laugh. Then my phone rang, and it was my two precious daughters and granddaughters calling me and they were so delighted when I answered and there was this grand burst of laughter and joy on both sides of the line. How wonderful to know you are loved. And loved very very much! Again, this is a wonderful life and I thank God everyday for it. Love is more important than money, more important than gold.

I was going to mention that today I broke a visitors record of people coming to my website, but it just pales next to the joy. It really does.


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