Peanuts and Me

I met Snoopy and Charlie Brown eons ago in a small quiet dusty library. Was it Ft. Kobbe or Ft. Clayton? I just can't remember. It was there though that I walked on a tightrope as I struggled between the sanctity of the place and the urge to laugh. So with muffled laughter I enjoyed my Peanuts as others studiously read more profound stuffy literature. Not to say that Peanuts is not profound, but it is full of hilarity. The simple enjoyable hilarity of everyday life. Lucy's nagging strong personality, Linus sweet as could be with his blanket, Pig Pen full of life and dirt under his fingernails spinning in a dust storm, Charlie Brown the naive, always hopeful, and easily disappointed, nice guy, and Snoopy the creative, resourceful, imagination filled beagle who was always my favorite.

Sometimes we never realize things. Why did I love Snoopy so much? Now after all these years I know. I always knew he was fun but he also had dreams, was daring and creative. Funny how we are drawn to things we are in tune with, not just for the laughter they provide us but with the affinity. There is a lot you can learn about yourself from the things you enjoy.

So when Annie, my daughter, on Thanksgiving gave me a hardbound copy of Peanuts from 1961 to 1962, pretty much when I read my first issue, which was a soft cover one if I remember correctly, I wondered how I could fit it into my busy schedule. I solved it. Without going into much detail, I know now and it will be every morning after devotions, and start the day with a good laugh. No more muffled laughs for me!


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