A Collage, Two Paintings and Some String

Recently I have been playing with tape, strings, and cords. I basically tape these cords down at different angles and they leave a contrasting straight line which may be of a lighter shade than the area just next to it. I enjoy the effect. Sometimes it works of course; sometimes it doesn't.

The bottom collage is made with the same technique. I painted a light and airy background and then taped the painting down and painted over it, and then released the tape. Then I let it hang in my studio for days, knowing it was unfinished. A couple of days ago I decided to make it a collage with raffia, potpourri, and leaves. For one thing it smells good and just for that, I like it.

The first and second paintings were painted the same day, and I used the cords, metallic paints, and some vivid colors. The top quadricone sienna one has a different effect than the bottom one, in that I used a spatula, and a brush! (for some reason using a brush directly to paint seems unusual) to spread some of the ultramarine blue. It was not all splashing color at the end. I particularly like the last painting just because I love the contrast between green and pink! Just love that combination, even though the painting is mostly a contrast between pink and blue.

I think I finally got the post right this time. I had to repost because a good friend recommended I sign my paintings with text when I post them, and I had forgotten.
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