A Silver Hair Adventure to Naranjito

Naranjito, literally means little orange, and that was where I was at on Saturday. Not eating oranges, but rather visiting my brother Hector. Unfortunately his picture with Mom did not come out too well so I will not risk getting a lawsuit for misrepresenting him in public. But his back yard, now that is another thing. Its the family heirloom. That little piece of land, represents what I so love about Naranjito. The hills full of palm trees, mangos, and plantains; and I caught them all in one picture! No it is more than that. Its the years of coming to this little piece of land to gather with family.

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Ana said…
I have to show Aay the picture of the racimo. She was asking me all about how bananas grow, and I told her that they come in Racimos, not just little six banana bundles.
Elba said…
Hector says that this racimo is about a month to two months away from being ready to cut down. So it has a way to go before they are plump enough to enjoy either green as guineitos, or ripe as regular bananas. Tell Aay that the bundles are called Mano de guineos, or a hand. I guess they look like fingers in a way.
Elba said…
Oh, I just remembered please point out to Aay that the purple leaves at the bottom of the racimo have to fall one by one until the plantains or bananas are to cut down with a machete. You also have to be careful to wear really old clothes because they will get stained with the sugary liquid that will splatter. La mancha de Platano.

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