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I was surprised to find that my blog and bookmark paintings had been listed unbeknownst to me on a Bookmark collector website . It wasn't until I noticed that several people had been referred to my blog from there that I was intrigued. So I went back and followed the referral link and it took me to their website which lists practically every place on the web where new bookmarks are mentioned for those who collect bookmarks seriously. You can find so many different types so the website is worth perusing. In fact I was inconspicuously listed on 12 November as "Four painted bookmarks by Elba at Mi Jardin - Link" . But hey I was listed. Very cool!

You think you are all alone out here writing your words and sort of painting your paintings, and zap, lo and behold you're not isolated. It only takes a google or yahoo alert to connect us to one another. I just want to thank the folks at bookmark-collector.com for listing me. When I browsed their website and followed some links, I also realized that other people sell bookmarks on Etsy (duh!) and did a much better job at listing and tagging their work. So of course I went back and edited my tags and yep, I'm happy.


Alan said…
Your bookmarks are lovely, and I especially enjoyed your latest set of 6. I'm happy to have found them and listed them!
Elba said…
Thank you Alan, now there is a name to the person. I appreciate your comments.

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