Everything is coming up Letters: Bananagrams and Pancakes

Aunt Rosie and Aay were playing Bananagrams which is a total hoot. Each player gets 21 letters and starts building a personal jigsaw. No points but fun. As soon as you use up your letters you say, "peel" and each player has to grab a new letter. The first player to finish placing all his or her letters after all the letters have been picked up wins. The fun continues once that happens as each player shares their "words," and are critiqued, poked, and discussed by others. It made for a lot of fun.

Afterwards, Aay and I made some fun designers pancakes for all to enjoy. Can you imagine, the fun we had?

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Anonymous said…
There is a free online version of Bananagrams for Facebook users:


The online version has some outstanding features that truly add to the Bananagrams experience. The options offered include solo play (either at one's leisure or playing against the clock), sending challenges to friends, and playing a live game.

The live game lends players the opportunity to peek the their opponents' boards and chat via text.

The online game also offers a store, where players can cash in their hard-earned credits for awesome new tiles and playing boards. I definitely recommend this game!

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