Two Funny

It has been quite the day. Just a wonderful restful day at school. Is that an oxymoronic phrase or a paradox? Restful day at school, I mean. Is that possible? Today I had two guidance counselors come in to give freshman orientations and the students listened, asked questions, and played a game and the guidance counselor was so impressed with my classes. Even the biggest class of 28 students, did so well. Apparently, not all classes are made the same. Well I have known that for years, but my students can really be good kids. Which takes me to laughter.

My last period of the day, is a group of tenth graders and today, I had them teach each other some new concepts, coming up to the front and using the overhead and explaining their particular vocabulary word using the Frayer Model, basically defining a term, using examples (synonyms), non-examples (antonyms), a sentence, and since they are ESL students (ELL- English Language Learners), I have added a drawing so they can associate it to the definition. Anyway, I have known these kids since last year and when one of the last ones came up to do their presentation, I just thought I would ask one of them, "Zee, what is an antonym?" And he looked straight at me and in his slow New Yorican accent slowly said, well, "it's like a synonym," and he stopped as he saw the expression on my face, because I know this kid, and then he added very naturally, "only different." I burst out laughing, knowing that was not the politically correct thing to do. We all laughed, because again, I must say, I know this kid. He can practically get out of any situation or will at least try to. I laughed so much, and the situation dissolved when the bell rang and they all had to go. But it was one of the funniest things that have happened in a long time, and a reminder of why I love my job and I love these kids.

Which takes me to funny situation number two. Annie was writing on her blog about how she wakes up her daughters. She tries to be as loving a mother as she can. Which I always did, too. I always tried to be as cheerful and positive in the morning as humanly possible. Anyway as I was reading her response to a friends comments, which went as follows. I have included the friend's comments and then her own.

I never learned to wake up cheerfully in the morning. Ma was a morning person, and used to come in and say, "Up, up, up with the buttercups!" I got up, but there wasn't much "buttercup" about it.

Heh. I used to hate the singsongy voice my mom used to wake us up, and yet I sometimes catch myself doing the same thing. [What?????? She continues with her response, my interjection]

I have however learned that while Aay responds well to it, Zee is better coaxed from sleep by turning on the light, getting her dressed and leaving the radio on in her room. I then come back about 2 minutes later and ask her what she wants for breakfast. She has normally by then rewrapped herself in her blanket and will mumble something, and ask for a few more minutes. I always go fix her breakfast and then come fetch her, and at this point she is willing to let go of the blanket and curl up on her chair and make a effort at eating a bit before its time to go out to the bus.

" I used to hate the singsongy voice my mom used to use..." Ha! Hahahahaha. What can I do? One of my favorite songs is "Oh, what a beautiful morning", though I have now become somewhat of a night owl. But I had no idea. Umm, still laughing.

After all these years! Anyway, I am still laughing. You can only do your best, and enjoy life. But both of these comments made me laugh so hard. I am glad I am not taking life too seriously today!!

Find something funny and have a good laugh!


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