To translate or not to Translate

Well, I continue to be fascinated with the people that come to my website. I mean just today, I had visitors from New Delhi India, A Corua, Spain, Cancun, Mexico, Germany, Willemstad, in The Netherland Antilles, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Did you know that blogger has this really neat option that if you are visiting a blog that is in another language you can request the translated version. It's wonderful and I saw someone from Germany use the translation button to read my article in German. So I did the same.

This is how it work, if you search for an article from your browser in your country and do a google search it will ask you if you want it in your language. It will translate from one language to another somewhat literally, but if a third language is involved, it won't translate that language. In my case, some the German got a little confusing. In that case, I actually was able to pass the cursor over any line that I couldn't figure out and it showed it to you in the original language. It's a great help and a lot of fun. I studied German in college, at the University of Puerto Rico, so I know how it sounds some what. So here I was reading away, out loud in German, and understanding a great deal of what I was reading, which brings me to the two or three phrases I know in German or Deutsch (I hope I spelled that right). Ich verstehen zie nicht. Which I think means, I can't understand you, which was very useful when I knew a little more German and had short conversations with my teacher and "ich spracht Deutsch nicht." I can't speak German, which was a prediction of sorts since I have forgotten most of the German I knew .

Having forgotten the language doesn't stop me from dreaming of visiting Germany. It is absolutely beautiful and the people are very disciplined as my German teacher, Frau Fromm, conveyed to us. The gardens are always kept up with, trash always collected, and no empty abandoned lots are put up with. I wonder if that is the case today? It would be interesting to know.


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