Everything is coming up Purple

Just relaxing and painting purple flowers. I had the nicest weekend visiting with my good friend, Cassandra, her daughter Jillian and baby Dylan Christopher. We went to the pool for a couple of hours and added another layer of sun tan from my summer in Puerto Rico. After Jillian left with the baby, Cassandra, Sylvia and I headed for Mt. Dora. There we met up with another friend, Ronnie, and we ate at the Winsor Rose Tea Room which is always a delight. Then we walked a little bit down to the pier and back up again all the while admiring the curios, paintings, and people. There was live music in two places and wine tasting. The weather had cooled so it was very pleasant. This morning we went to church but on the way there drove through Welch road with its huge oak trees behind of Deer Lake and next to Wekiva Springs Park. The area was as lovely as ever. It is so good to have good friends. If I ever get a chance to live in Apopka again I will do it in a heart beat. By the way, my favorite field near Thompson and Votaw is intact, with its cows and weathered shack. That is most certainly a painting I need to do. I think it hasn't changed waiting for me to paint it. You can't take these things for granted. Maybe next weekend.
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