So I had my surgery!

I had been debating, would I or wouldn't I make any comments? And yes, I think I will. For sometime, actually two years, I have had trouble with my gallbladder and didn't know what was bothering me. I started noticing that after I had lunch, I hate to admit this, but my breath would change and not for the better. It didn't matter that I brushed my teeth and used mouthwash. Nothing seemed to help. I had other symptoms but they are so disagreeable that I will spare you the details.

I complained to my doctor and they thought it was acid reflux. I started taking antacid, and that seemed to help a bit, and by the time this year rolled in, I was taking two Prilosecs, not the regular one. It wasn't until I said I had had enough, that the Physician Assistant finally prescribed an upper GI and that's when they discovered gallstones and plenty of them. My gallbladder was out of whack, big time.

Unfortunately, for me this also came at a time when it was my turn to take care of my mom and give my sisters relief this summer for 35 days. As you all know changing a plane ticket is a big issue and expense. Then having the surgery before going down didn't make any sense either because it would mean being out of shape to care for my mom, so the logical thing was to put it off. I did.

Every day I had to take two Prilosec to make it through the day, and frankly God gave me grace because I only had one incident in PR and it was the day I had a Bacalaito AND an Alcapurria, one right after the other. Una explosion! Of course. Anyway, I felt so good in PR, no stress and I was better and I thought, hey I can get away with this. I must be better and I canceled my surgery that was scheduled for July 30. Big mistake.

When I went back to work, even though it was pre-planning, the gallbladder started acting up big time. I was desperate, because the soonest they could reschedule was for September 3, right when school had already started. How could I start school with this thing acting up. I wasn't going to make it. So I pleaded with my surgeon to please schedule me in regardless that I dread operations.

Listen I know that laproscoptic surgery is so much better than the old way where they make this big incision. Now this new surgery, is through the belly button and with four or five puncture wounds. So the recovery is much shorter. But the incisions weren't what I concerned about but the anesthesia. You hear so many stories, but it was fine, but you go in thinking, will I be coming out? I wrote up my last will and testament and instructions for burial on Sunday night, just in case! Not so much that I was scared, but just in case, I didn't make it. Well as you can see, I'm still here. Knock on wood.

I love Florida Hospital and the fact that it is so God centered and loving. I have to insert here that all the people there were wonderful to me, starting with Luis Morales who wheeled me in, the doctors, and not to mention all the ladies, from the highest ranking to the most humble, on the third floor of the Altamonte Florida Hospital.

And I thank God, for being so good to me. The whole event was a retreat for me. A whole day of fasting, and being loved. My beloved son, Juan, came up from Miami to be with me and he was so good, even though he is such a tough guy, he even bought me a chocolate milk shake which did not make me ill at all. I am so pleased to say. Then most of my family and friends called me or text messaged me with their thoughts and prayers. It was very nice.

I had to stay overnight, but it was fine, I had a darvoset for the pain, because I wanted to be able to sleep. Instead I stayed up being blessed with some good Christian programs, and didn't fall asleep until one in the morning watching Joel Osteen. Another reason I think I did so well too is that right after I was out of recovery, I got up and walked on my own as soon as I could, which is exactly what they want you to do. Move around.

I came home this morning and haven't stopped. Well that is not exactly true. I did stop to take a short nap and I have been painting and not overexerting myself. If I feel better I will go into work tomorrow and spend it getting my classroom ready, maybe half day just to get into the routine of driving to school and putting up some posters. Thank goodness we are in preplanning and the kids don't come in until Monday. I should be a lot better by then.

So there you have the scoop. I had surgery and I survived. Now maybe I should really think about having that will and testament looked at because I am not a spring hen and stuff does happen, doesn't it? But thank God he has given me another day, and hopefully many years to praise Him. Abrazos.


Hello! My name is Bonnie and I leave near Pittsburgh PA and I am facing gallbladder surgery next month. Would you mind emailing me at to talk about yours? I have a few questions because our situations sound SO similar! Thanks!

Oooops.....LIVE, not leave! LOL
Elba said…
Bonnie my email is

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