Fun Abstracts

The top one, Life, was painted during the weekend and finished tonight. The bottom one, Journey, was painted during my week in North Carolina, last year but I knew it was unfinished. I would often look at it as it hung on the wall knowing there was more. Tonight just when I thought I was through for the night, I decided to use my new metallic paints, and went to get them in the family room where I had been using them as I experimented with clay. It turned out the paints were just the touch they were missing.

Inadvertently, there is a bird in each painting. Can you find them?

Again my monitor does not display the colors properly, because the bottom one is more like a deep red, but on my screen it looks orange, but hey what can I do?

The bottom line is that I love the effect of the contrast of metallic with the matte of the watercolors. Fun.


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