Coral Gables


Last week when I went to visit Juan in Miami, the traffic was a little frightening at first but afterwards everything worked out. Maria and I actually went to two malls, including the Dolphin and International Malls just off of Route 869, which is the same road to the Miami Airport. On our way there we saw the sign for Le Jeune exit which was the same road we needed to take to go to the Spanish Consulate there. So the next day we retraced our steps and found our way to the Consulate.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Coral Gables was a beautiful part of town. I had heard of Coral Gables but had no idea just how lovely it was. One major avenue is the Miracle Mile which is lined with palm trees and as it continues towards I-95 and out of Coral Gables it continues to be lined with old trees which make any neighborhood honored to have them. How fortunate to have had people plant them so long ago. Trees tend to live longer than humans and to have a full grown one offering us shade is such a privilege. Those same tree lined streets also offer the pedestrians lots of opportunities to go window shopping if nothing else. We also stepped into corner cafes and elegant buildings, so there is plenty to do. If want to buy a Guaybera, catch a play, drink rich coffee, go for a stroll, or buy European shoes, it is all there. There are also plenty of businesses to keep the area bustling. Very nice indeed.

Notice the name on the street sign, Miracle Mile and Ponce de Leon. Love it
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Lil said…
Hi Elba! What fun that you are doing some visiting before school will be starting again! I love seeing your pictures! I am wondering especially tho, what is "Guaybera". Thankyou.
Lil K.
Elba said…
Yes, I am happy I was able to do it, too. What is a guayabera? It is a dressy men's shirt of Cuban origen which are very popular in the Caribbean as a whole. Originally they were usually made of white linen with four pockets, and two strips of closely sewed pieces that run vertically. Today they are no longer for men only, and they can vary in color and cloth. That store had all sorts, but the most elegant seem to be the originals in my opinion. If you click on the picture you will be able to see the variations in the window.

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